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Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Circles, Puffiness And Fine Lines Under Eyes!  Make Your Own Soaper's Supplies Under-eye Treatment With Our Pro-Style Eye Pads!

     Hello Friends of RJ's Soaper's Supplies Skincare Blog!  We have quite a treat for you today!  Many of you have received the surprise kit containing some wonderful Soaper's Supplies products, especially those very professional-looking under-eye pads for use with your serums, eye gels, and moisture masks.  Green tea, caffeine, and ingredients that pull moisture from the air are very good in under-eye formulas.  Formulas containing these ingredients are perfect in which to soak your new Soaper's Supplies Under-eye pads!

     Caroline Thompson of LiveStrong.com suggests using "Green tea (to) reduce swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes.  The caffeine reduces puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels. Green tea works on dark circles by decreasing the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes.  The astringent nature of the tannins constricts the blood vessels and capillaries under the eyes".   Click this link and read more on the benefits of green tea, caffeine, sleep, water- intake and proper diet to keep your eyes bright and youthful in this interesting article.   http://www.livestrong.com/article/93147-green-tea-bags-dark-circles/

     Some of you already have these great pads soaking in a fantastic formula that is sure to get your customer's attention and increase your page interest.  These are a very high-end looking tool when combined with the right ingredients.  For those of you who are not quite sure how to use them or with which ingredients, I would like to share an "Under-Eye" Formula you can create yourself with just a few Soaper's Supplies ingredients,  a sanitized heating receptacle, a pair of gloves, and some coffee filters or cheesecloth.  You will also need a package of the Soaper's Supplies under-eye pads, and a choice of container.  Rae Jean recommends using her six oz clear containers she sold with her surprise kit.   This formula is sure to rid the tired appearance of eyes, and give a more refreshed, youthful look with a noticeable lessening of dark circles and puffiness.

     You will fold each pad in half wearing gloves and fill the container half way with the folded pads.  After we cover these pads with solution, we will fold the rest of the pads in half, continue to fill each container with Eye Brightening Solution, and then place the lid on the container. 

     For the Eye Brightening, tightening and smoothing formula, you will need a few ingredients easily found here at Soaper's Supplies.


Soaper's Supplies Bright Eyes Treatment Pads to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkles can be made easily with this simple formula: 

(Most of these items can be clicked upon to bring you directly to the ingredient in our Soaper's Supplies ingredient directory.  If you need assistance, please comment, email, or message Rae Jean, and she or her staff will gladly help you find your item.)


Distilled Water

Favorite Soaper's Supply Hydrosol (we recommend Rose water) up to 10% of total batch.

Soaper's Supplies Aloe Juice up to 10% of total batch.

Soaper's Supplies Sodium Lactate 2%

Soaper's Supplies Oat Protein    2%

Soaper's Supplies Propylene Glycol (Dipropylene or any "glycol" can be used here)  at  2%

Soaper's Supplies Green Tea Powder up to 5% or according to usage suggestions. 

Soaper's Supplies Cucumber Extract powder at usage suggestions.

Soaper's Supplies Caffeine  1% maximum of total batch.

Broad Spectrum Preservative.  Soaper's Supplies recommends Germaben as it is known to be the least irritating on face or near eye area.  Follow usage instructions exactly. 


     Sanitize working environment and tools with alcohol and wear gloves.  Get containers open and ready with pads counted out and folded in half.   Fill half of jar with folded pads.  Six ounce jar is recommended for this formula but you can adjust the percentages using simple multiplication to change your batch size.


     Since Green Tea Powder and Cucumber extract are being heated and discarded, I suggest making your "tea" with  more than 1% of each.  I think the concentration should depend on your total batch size but not exceed 5% of your liquids on first trial.  If you feel comfortable with the results then you may be able to increase the amount of tea to the water but I would not go past  FDA usage guidelines.


     Heat distilled water, green tea powder and cucumber extract -heating and holding for twenty minutes.  Allow your tea mixture maximum brewing for most concentrated results.  Strain into sanitized container.  Discard wet tea/cucumber powder.  Weigh and note your liquid "tea" prior to adding rosewater and aloe at proper percentages.  Add Rose water and Aloe juice to your brewed liquid.   Aloe juice and Rosewater should only total ten percent EACH of total liquid ingredients (twenty percent combined), as they do not preserve well.  Heat this mixture slowly till it reaches 70 degrees Celsius  holding for twenty minutes. Weigh and note batch of combined liquids again.  Into this new weight you will be adding your caffeine, humectants and preservative. 


Important!  While mixture is still hot (you may want to put back on low heat), add Caffeine at 1% maximum, stirring till dissolved into your green tea/ cucumber/ rosewater/ aloe solution. 

     Weigh your total amount of liquid and next, add your humectants:


     Add and mix 2% Sodium lactate,  2% Oat Protein, and 2% Propylene Glycol  (or any glycol you have on hand.)

     Allow liquid to COOL before adding broad spectrum preservative at manufacturer's suggested usage rate (usually .5% -1%).

     Once cooled and preserved add mixed formula to half of your folded pads inside your jars.  Then add second half of folded eye pads (wearing gloves) to the jar.  Next, continue to fill jars with solution, covering the top of all the pads.   Saturate completely.

     Try chilling pads prior to use for maximum results.


     Leave on under-eye area for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes or till dry, depending on preference.  Some people sleep with Eye Brightening Pads under eyes.

(Like with any cosmetic, if product causes discomfort or irritation, discontinue and rinse with water.  If irritation persists seek medical advice from a medical professional.)

          Once again, I would like to thank you all  for reading RJ's Skincare Blog and hope you enjoy this formula that is sure to give you the refreshed appearance under your eyes that you are craving.  I have personally been using caffeine under my own eyes and am hooked on its effects. 

     Please try this formula for yourself and if you have any comments, questions or would like to discuss any topic related to RJ's Skincare Blog, we welcome your input. 

     Thank you again for shopping at Soaper's Supplies and for reading our blog.  We are grateful for your support and hope you have fun with our beauty recipes.  We believe if a product works it will sell..  So we put a lot of time, research and love into our formulas and look forward to your feedback.  Thank you all for reading and for your continued support!


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Do Summer Sandals and Heat Have Your Feet Feeling Beat?   Soaper's Supplies Has The "Sole-Lution"!   Find the "Foot Fetish" Kits Too!

Summer sand and open shoes have been punishing our feet for months.  We started the season with soft, silky feet.  We proudly paraded our pedicured toes, all painted with the trendiest colors of the season!  Now, as the summer's end draws closer, we look at those same feet and wonder "WHAT HAPPENED"?  Could these rough and callused hooves be the same tantalizing "tootsies" from which we so delicately dangled our sexy, summer, "one of a kind"-sandals?  How could these hang-nail covered, rough and raggedy feet be the same ones we just spent the summer dipping in pools and frolicking in the sand?   

     Patricia Nicholson from Women's Health Matters, cites that "Your feet don’t just take you from place to place. In addition to making you mobile, your feet help you balance, support your body, and act as your body’s shock absorbers, enduring enormous amounts of pressure every day. With that much going on below your knees, it’s no surprise that feet may need some care and attention".   Read more about our feet and their special needs in this interesting and informative article.  http://www.womenshealthmatters.ca/feature-articles/feature-articles/feet-first-proper-foot-care-will-keep-you-on-your-toes.

     Let's face it...  Our feet need HELP!   And if our feet are suffering, then I bet our customer's feet could use some help too!  So let's get formulating!  And the best part, is that this is a reasonably priced, easy to make "Sole-Lution" to the Summer Feet Blues! 

     So what should you use?  Luckily Soaper's Supplies has it all figured out for you!  Soaper's Supplies "Foot Fetish" kit has everything you need.  A good foot soak to soften the rough, dead skin and calluses to start.   Rae Jean's Salt blend will soothe, soften and prep the feet for step two which will be a relaxing exfoliating scrub to rid the rough spots we just softened in the luxury salt soak.  The final step is Soaper's Supplies foot cream which will bring those newly polished feet back to life again.  It will soothe, soften and really condition the thick skin of the feet. 

     Your customers will love this, -and you will love how easy it is to make.   Plus the ingredients will attract a lot of label appeal.  There are exotic, nourishing butters and upscale, humectants, not to mention Rae Jean's top of the line exfoliating ingredients!  This is a unisex item with a fresh fragrance that both men and women will find invigorating and delightful!  You could probably make an adorable gift-box style package with each of the three products sitting on some raffia or wrapped in pretty tissue.  It is also a great way to add some flare to your inventory as summer ends, -but before the Holiday stress begins. 

     If anyone has any unique packaging ideas for the "Foot Fetish Kit", please, share here in comments and tell us how you have given this kit your own style!

     Visit and join the Soaper's Supplies Facebook Community Class page to get these luxurious foot-pampering kits!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/soaperssuplliesbathandbodycommunity/ Or, visit the Soaper's Supplies Facebook page directly and leave a comment or message for an administrator.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/soaperssuppliessales/permalink/319658738371861/?comment_id=319662018371533&reply_comment_id=319663888371346&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1471550553582658

     Thank you for reading RJ's Skincare Blog and for shopping at Soaper's Supplies.  We love your comments, ideas and feedback so please feel free to share your thoughts below!  



Make Solid Perfume with Rae Jean's Luxurious Lip Balm Base...  and more.

     Hopefully by now you have indulged in "RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base".  It is full of the finest, upscale, skin-loving oils and butters that protect, soothe and soften the lips.  Get this base at Soaper's Supplies and discover why it should be a permanent staple in your ingredient closet. 

     There are so many great reasons to own this base.  Whether you are a master formulator or a "newbie" it is always a good idea to have some pre-made bases on hand.  They are great to get your line off the ground.  They are also a good back-up if you have some type of mishap, such as a shipping issue, an unexpectedly large order, requiring extra ingredients, -or that dreaded "bad batch" at the last minute!

     Here is another reason to have RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base.  It makes an unbelievable Solid Perfume!  It is not like mixing fragrance with Fractionated Coconut Oil where the oil absorbs so quickly that the scent is gone almost instantly.   Also, it is not water-based so you need not worry about preservatives and Polysorbate.  It holds the fragrance and conditions the skin with some of the most sophisticated ingredients your customers and your label will LOVE.  With oils of Perilla, Oat, Meadowfoam and Avocado, you will be able to scent and soften all the delicate areas from the wrists to the elbows and knees...   -and everywhere in between. 

     You can design your OWN fragrances with Soaper's Supplies Essential Oils.  Fragrance oils can be used as well!  Always follow the usage suggestions, usually 1% or less of the total product weight.  And just because we love you and want to make life as easy as pie, we have put together some Essential Oil blends you can try at home. (You can always put a drop of each on a cotton swab and seal in a Ziplock  baggy and see what delightful fragrance you've created..  Or you can use Soaper's Supplies Fragrance Oils in your new perfumes! 



Some Soaper's Supplies Essential Oils For Your Blends

Note:  It is good to have a high, middle, and low note in your fragrances but these are a great start so experiment and have fun!


Peppermint and Lavender

Lavender and Rosemary

Sweet Orange and Black Pepper

Corriander, Cinnamon and Orange

Benzoin (vanilla-like) and Orange

Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary and Black Pepper

Rose Geranium, Cedarwood and Petitgrain

Juniper, Cedarwood and Rosemary

Spearmint is a sweet mint that blends beautifully with other minty scents.  It also pairs nicely with citrus scents.

Benzoin, being vanilla-like blends well with so many other Essential Oils.



Any Soaper's Supplies Fragrance Oil can be used in the solid perfume and blended if desired, -keeping the total of all Scent Oils at no more than recommended suggested usage amount. http://www.soaperssupplies.com/store/fragrance-oils/   Please read the Soaper's Supplies disclaimer and safety guide regarding Essential Oils.


We also have the perfect solid perfume containers!  Lip pots, jars and 1/2 oz lip balm tubes!  Soaper's Supplies has everything you need to make the best perfumes for your customers.



Thank you for shopping at Soaper's Supplies!  We will soon be sharing another great use for "RJ's Lip Balm Base" and cannot wait to share it with YOU!  Please comment and share with us what you think of our new Solid Perfume Base and the wonderful fragrances you have created!  We love your comments and ideas so stay in the "bubble" and thank you again for reading RJ's Skincare Blog!


OATMEAL!  (It's not just for breakfast anymore.)  Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Oooh So Soothing.  You will LOVE everything that Oatmeal will do for your Line!

Today we will make a Moisturizing Face Mask!       

     Oats have always been renowned for their nutritional benefits at breakfast or even in cookie-form, but, did you know that this simple plant has hair and skin-loving properties when applied topically?  Oats contain Saponins, known to be  cleansing to even the most sensitive skin.  They also are known to have high humectant qualities, allowing them to naturally pull water from the air.  Depending upon which product you include Oats or Oat Protein, you can find a soothing, moisturizing and calming ingredient that is sure to meet the individual needs of your diverse clientele.  

     The Huffington Post cites that "Colloidal oatmeal, a natural product produced from finely ground oat grains that are boiled to produce an extract, is full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that add moisture to benefit the condition of one’s skin. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart told us, “Oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as such is ideal for sensitive skin and to treat a variety of skin disorders (i.e sunburns, eczema and poison ivy).”  This highly, informative article offers several additional formulation ideas for the usage of Oats in skin and hair-care products.


     When soaping, you can enjoy Soaper's Supplies Colloidal Oats directly in the bars as a light exfoliant, or even boil them and use the soothing properties of the water directly in the recipe. 

     When used in hair products, Oats can act as a dry shampoo for blond or light-colored hair.  Apply a fine sprinkle of ground Oats throughout the hair, especially near the scalp, as to allow absorption of any excess oil. Then comb/brush out after approximately fifteen minutes.

     If it is moisturized, conditioned hair you are seeking, then consider adding Soaper's Supplies Oat Protein and luxurious Oat Carrier Oil to your next hair conditioner.  (Oat oil will draw attention to your label as well as act as a stabilizer/co-emulsifier in your lotions and hair conditioners.)  You will be excited to know that Rae Jean's Blog will be sharing some fun and versatile Hair Conditioning Formulas!

     The addition of Oat Protein to your water component in any hair conditioner or skin lotion can improve moisture and feel.  In lotion, Oat Protein calms angry, dry skin and soothes problematic areas.  It is an amazing humectant that will pull moisture from the air and into your lotion's target area.   Usage rates vary but Oat Protein is usually used between 1% and 5%, depending on your product.  This is another great ingredient to have on hand as it fits into almost any formula, thereby increasing moisture.

     Because it is water-soluble, it makes an amazing addition to face toners, body milks and moisture sprays.  I will be sharing a formula for a  refreshing and soothing skin toner in an upcoming blog post.    This will be the ideal product to pair with any face soap or cleanser in your line, as a good toner removes excess debris, clears and closes pores, and adds a dewy glow to your appearance.

     You can also add Colloidal Oats to Face Masks!  This is one of my favorite things to put into my many different face masks because it gently absorbs oil, yet seems to give a moisturizing effect as well.  I do plan on sharing several fun and inventive face mask formulas here, and since we are discussing Oats and Oat Protein, today I will start with my basic "Toning Moisture Mask, with Oatmeal".   Follow our upcoming blog posts for my "Good Morning Fresh-Face Mask", my "Unwind the Hands/Reverse the Sands Mask" for the age-conscious customer, and my "Detoxifying Rejuvenation Mask" for oily/problematic skin.

     Remember, if you sell face masks it is highly suggested that you keep the ingredients DRY and instruct the customer to remove the desired amount of dry product from the container and add a wetting ingredient, such as distilled water, aloe juice, or a Soaper's Supplies Hydrosol like Rose Water.  Each hydrosol has its own skin properties and I will be discussing them in an upcoming blog, but Rose Water is nice to use in most products, as it is known to be beneficial in almost every application, whether for sensitive, dry, or even oily-problematic skin.  So if you love the natural scent  of hydrosols, each renowned for a different skin type, then stay in the Bubble because Rae Jean's Skincare Blog will soon have this great discussion! 


Soaper's Supplies "Toning Moisture Mask, with Oatmeal"


Soaper's Supplies Colloidal Oats  45%

Soaper's Supplies White Kaolin Clay  20%(most Kaolin clay will work if it has little to no absorption qualities)

Soaper's Supplies Rhassoul Clay 20%

(This clay will not over-dry the skin and is known to promote the appearance of toned skin and improved appearance of circulation to the face.)  We will discuss clay and their individual properties in an upcoming blog.

Soaper's Supplies Honey Powder 15%

Soaper's Supplies Aloe or Hydrosol if desired.

NOTE:   If selling this mask,  I find powdered aloe can be used in place of a small percentage of the ingredients and then wet with a lovely Soaper's Supplies Hydrosol.  I used Rose Water as it seems to lend a moisturized appearance to the skin.


Combine ingredients and suggest customer wet with aloe juice, yogurt, rose water or distilled water.   Any wet mask should be used within two days, (refrigerated), -or discarded.  I suggest using a tablespoon of mask and add the wetting agent a teaspoon at a time till mask is the desired texture. 

Apply to face and wait approximately 15 minutes before washing away with a warm, wet washcloth. 

I actually made this on a very small scale (couple of grams) before sharing here, and I now plan on making a larger batch to keep on hand.  It is the "next day" and my skin feels soft, supple and smooth!


     This formula can be customized to your preference.  If more "toned"  appearance is desired, or if used on oilier/ problematic skin, then consider increasing the Rhassoul Clay.  You cannot mess this up!  It is easy and fun and you will be amazed how soft the skin appears after using the Oats!  I would not omit clay as it works as a binding agent and helps form the "mask"..  I also highly recommend using aloe juice somewhere in this formula but it is a very forgiving recipe that you can "make your own".  One could even make an "Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Mask" with Soaper's Supplies Oats, Milk Powder, and dried Honey!  I would still include some white Kaolin to create the binding effect of a face mask.


     So try this delightful mask and let us know what you think of Oats in your beauty line.  I know that Oats and Oat Protein have improved every product in which I have included them.  I can not wait to share our formulas containing the luxurious Oat Oil and skin loving Oat Protein.  They both are excellent additions to lotions and hair-care!  

     So Friends, what would you like to discuss next?  Does anyone have any "Oat Formulas" that they would like to learn?  Would you like to jump further into the variety of Face Masks you can create for your own business? Thank you for visiting Rae Jean's Skin-Care Blog and for shopping at Soaper's Supplies!  

We love your feedback and welcome your comments and suggestions.