Soften Cuticles,  Knuckles And Dry Spots With This Versatile Balm.  This is "SOAPER'S SUPPLIES HAND RENEWAL SYSTEM II"...  + MORE USES FOR OUR LUX LIP BALM BASE

Welcome to Part Two of the Soaper's Supplies Hand Renewal System!  If you read our last installment you learned how a well-made scrub can exfoliate dull, dry surface skin, revealing softer, silkier, more youthful-looking hands that just seem to glow!  That blog installment can be found easily on this link:  RJ's Hand Renewing Scrub!

     Not only does the Soaper's Supplies Renewing Hand Scrub soften the hands and cuticles with conditioning oils and moisturizing humectants, but it prepares the skin for the ultimate treatment,  -Soaper's Supplies Renewing Hand and Cuticle Balm!


     A great hand and cuticle balm should include extra-soothing oils and butters to soften dry knuckles and any rough, cracked skin, damaged from life's chores and everyday wear and tear.  Soaper's Supplies offers a vast assortment of scrumptiously-scented, and much sought-after butters that would be a fantastic addition to a cuticle/hand balm.  Along with these luxurious butters, Soaper's Supplies includes an incredible list of exotic and sophisticated Carrier oils, each renowned for their individual, skin-loving properties.   You can combine these butters, oils and Soaper's Supplies assorted waxes to create a balm of your own design...   OR..  you can indulge in yet ANOTHER FANTASTIC USE for the Soaper's Supplies Luxurious Lip Balm Base!

     Rich in the finest butters and oils, Soaper's Supplies has created an easy solution for your dry hands and cuticles, -and for those of your customers.  RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base is the perfect product to add to your Renewing Hand Scrub!

     RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base is rich in emollient oils like Meadowfoam seed oil, Oat Kernel oil, Perilla and more!  There is also a vegan version of this sophisticated balm.  This is such an easy add-on to your line if you are in need of something new, with upscale ingredients.  These will dress-up any label, as these are not your "every-day" oils and butters, ..and yet, this is a quick and affordable solution to a lull in sales.  It its a great product with so many applications!   (See Blog post 7/23/2016 Rae Jean's Luxurious Lip Balm Base.  One Product, Endless Possibilities)


     We have done the work for you!  Just add your favorite Soaper's Supplies Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil Blend, and you have made the perfect, conditioning balm for both you and your customers.  This is the perfect addition to the scrub and will really add to your beauty-line.  It is the ideal package-set and all you have to do is melt, scent and pour into your choice of size, Soaper's Supplies Containers.

     A gift set is always a great asset to any artisan beauty business.  Soaper's Supplies Hand Renewal System has combined a moisturizing, exfoliating Scrub, that possesses a lotion-like, after-feel, with an easy-to-make Hand & Cuticle Balm. 



                                        Soaper's Supplies Renewing Hand and Cuticle Balm 


      Choose a set of containers you feel are right for you.  Soaper's Supplies has a vast assortment of containers from which to choose.  For a nail and hand balm, I would consider any size from .5 oz to 2oz, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  Above is a direct link to perfect Cuticle/Hand Balm Containers,  with an assortment of ideal sizes and styles.

     I personally love the perfect size of the lip balm style tubes for this project.  They fit the size of the nails and can be used on knuckles and rough spots without a messy after-feel.



     If you opt to make your own hand and nail balm you can find every ingredient necessary right in the Soaper's Supplies Store.


   A basic formula would consist of approximately 33% hard butter, 33% liquid oil, 33% wax and 1% Vitamin E Anitioxidant (to prevent rancidity of oils).


* Beeswax 33%  (Vegan version would use Candelilla wax at approximately 16-17%. 

* Butters combined total 33% (See links to recommended butters below)

* Oils totaling 33% (32% if using FO or EO scent)

* Vitamin E Antioxidant 1% at cool down.

* Any Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil 1% at cool down.


     An unbelievable oil renowned for its nail/cuticle benefits is Soaper's Supplies Moringa Oil!    This oil could be paired with Soaper's Supplies Meadowfoams seed Oil, Camellia oil, or Marula oil.    These are all sensational on the nails and skin, as well as the LABEL!  (Most formulators are not using such rare, and exotic oils that have the noted benefits that these oils boast.)

Soaper's Supplies Moringa Oil  11%

Soaper's Supplies Meadowfoam seed oil 11%

Soaper's Supplies Camellia Oil 11%

     I personally like the combination of  those oils but we encourage you to have fun with this anhydrous balm and make it your own!  Click on the links above to find these oils in the Soaper's Supplies  store!

     Remember if using a Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil blend at 1%, subtract a percent from one of your oils to make your total add up to 100%.   (So if you are using scent you would use 32% liquid oils instead of 33%.)


     If you are working with heavier oils, use a drier butter like Mango, Kokem or Sal seed butter.   I personally love the hard texture of Sal Butter.  It is great in applications like these, and works best when combined with softer butters or quick melting butters, like Cocoa Butter, or the super-sophisticated, Cupuacu Butter.  My personal butter choice is a combination of Sal seed butter 15% and Cupuacu butter 18%.


     When choosing waxes most people use Beeswax, but you can use a vegan alternative.  (Remember, Candelilla, being a very hard wax, has a suggested use that is half that of Beeswax, so you would have to make-up that lost amount of product in your butters and oils.  (16-17% of Candelilla would be used instead of 33%, therefore, 16-17% more oils and butters would be added to the remaining Butter/Oil formula.)


     I personally like the addition of Cetyl Alcohol to my nail balm due to the luxurious feel it leaves on the skin.  I use approximately 5% Soaper's Supplies Cetyl Alcohol in place of 5% of some of my wax.   So my Beeswax would be 28% if I use Cetyl. You can play with your hand/nail balm once you get a basic recipe down that you like.  It is all about personalizing it to make it your own!


      For a softer balm, consider reducing waxes by 10% and upping liquid oils by 10%.  


     Do not forget to add 1% Vitamin E Antioxidant to keep you creation from going rancid.



     Melt your waxes first in a double boiler or heat-safe bowl, inside a hot water bath on the stove.  Then, melt your butters into the waxes and your oils should be added last.  Heat waxes, butters and oils to 158 degrees. 

     Add your Vitamin E at cool-down and any scent if you are using Fragrance oils or Essential Oils as too high of a temperature will burn off these delicate ingredients.  Follow usage guidelines for your Scents.  Usually they should total no more than 1% of formula, which you would subtract from another ingredient (I suggest subtracting one percent from one of the oils of choice if using the 1% scent oil.  This would mean you are using 32% Liquid oils.)    Ideally, you want your final numbers to total 100%.


Caution:  We have all cheated and used the microwave to dissolve something..   but it is discouraged as the microwave heats unevenly.  You should NEVER melt your WAX in the microwave!   The heat gets so high you can break the glass turntable beneath!  This happens more often than you may think.  It is dangerous and also less professional so PLEASE use a double-boiler, or a water-bath on the stove, to melt your ingredients.


      Consider popping your balms into the freezer after pouring to avoid any grainy issues, as these butters have a high stearic acid content.


                       Using RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base For Your Cuticle/Hand Balm


     If using RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base, you can simply click the previous link,  place your order and follow melting instructions.  It is that easy!  Any scent can be added at cool-down.  Follow usage guidelines for Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.    Remember to add your Fragrance or Essential oils at cool-down, as not to burn them.  Soaper's Supplies has a fantastic list of Scent Choices.  Simply click on the links above to find them in the store.


     RJ's Luxurious Lip Balm Base  has been formulated with the most exotic, upscale oils and butters.  This is the perfect product to add to your ingredient supply shelf, as it has proved delightful on lips, with long-lasting wear and shine.  It also has worked brilliantly as a solid-perfume base, ...and now can be your quick-fix for rough cuticles and dry hands!


     Whether you design your own cuticle/hand balm or use The Soaper's Supplies Solution to softer hands, you will love this balm!   It is the ideal compliment to RJ's Hand Renewal Scrub, making a wonderful gift set.  It can increase profits and interest, and serve as the complimenting product in a multi-purpose, unisex gift-set.

     If you are a seller or a hobbyist this is a fun product to make, especially if you are using the Soaper's Supplies Luxurious Lip Balm Base! 


     Thank you for shopping at Soaper's Supplies.  We appreciate your business and loyalty.  We hope you have enjoyed this follow-up installment to the Soaper's Supplies Hand Renewal System and look forward to reading your comments on your finished Hand-scrubs and balms! 

     Thank you again for reading RJ's Skincare Blog.  We appreciate your continued support and would love to hear from you!  Please leave any comments, questions or ideas below, and thank you again for visiting our site.



RJ's Skincare Blog and included recipes are researched and written by Angela D'Amico.

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