SOAPER'S  SUPPLIES  BRAZILIAN CLAY!  Different Colors- Different benefits for the skin!

What is Hot is Soap colorants right now?  It's bright, vibrant, Brazilian Clay!  From red to purple, white and green.. and every color in between..  Brazilian clay offers a gorgeous color pallet for soap makers.

     But, what about other applications?  Into what other things can we incorporate these gorgeous clays?   I love face masks..  so if we were making face masks for ourselves or our customers, what benefits would we obtain.. -and from which colors?   

I highly suggest reading the blog post on clay and face masks published on 11/21/2016.     In that blog we discussed different face masks for different skin types.   The clay choices can be substituted for some Brazilian Clay options once you learn which one is best for your specific skin type.


Brazilian Clay comes in an array of colors and applications.   We know these clay colors are fantastic in soap-making because of their bright pigment, but some colors are known to be better for specific cosmetic applications when applied topically.   In a moment we will discuss the different colors and their renowned skincare qualities.  They can be packaged dry for selling, with instructions to mix with distilled water, hydrosols, aloe juice, honey or yogurt.  You can also mix dry honey, yogurt or aloe with these clays so they are ready to go for the skin type to which you are marketing.   Remember, the addition of Colloidal Oats will add a soothing, moisturizing touch to any clay mask.  The oats are cleansing yet have humectant properties so they take some of the "sting" out of the stronger clay types.  Some clay colors are known for their gentleness while others are famous for ultimate oil absorption.  Just as some clay colors are very gentle and soothing, some are popular in toning masks as they help tighten skin and give a more firmed appearance to skin.  Please refer to blog post dated 11/21/2016 for proper packaging instructions (if intending to sell) and recipe ideas.

Brazilian WHITE Clay is rich in Silicon and has a high affinity to water, making it great in water-based formulations due to its stabilizing properties.  It also gives the product a smoother feel. 


Brazilian RED clay gets its color from high iron content.  It is an excellent ingredient in toning masks or wraps.   Red Brazilian clay and Dark Red Brazilian clay are credited with giving skin a more toned appearance with greater elasticity.


Brazilian Brown Clay is full of vitamins and minerals like Copper and Selenium.  This is where it gets its rich color.  It is very good in skin cleansing products because of its strong ability to absorb oils.


Brazilian Purple Clay is rich in magnesium and is a natural pigment.  It is considered to be a staple in anti-aging products and is a gorgeous addition to handmade soap.


Brazilian Black Clay is high in natural Titanium and popular for its oil absorbing qualities in skin and hair products, as well as for its rich color in handmade soaps.  Can be used in emulsions as a thickening aide.


Brazilian Pink Clay is much gentler than the other Brazilian clays.   It is very soft in texture and has a pH similar to that of the skin.   This clay is very popular in products for sensitive skin types.


Brazilian Gold Clay is thought to have "active yellow organic minerals with a high capacity to exchange electrolytes.  High in Potassium this clay is considered to have a "remineralizing effect" on the skin.  It is astringent in nature and absorbs oils and impurities. (1)

    Brazilian Clay's popularity is ever-growing.   It can be used in a wide assortment of applications including skin and hair masks.  It can be used for soap colorant, in oil absorbing products, facial toning products and even moisture masks, -yes, moisture!   Each color is renowned  for a different skin-loving property! 


     We hope you have enjoyed this installment of  RJ's Skincare Blog.  Thank you for shopping at Soaper's Supplies and please leave your comments or questions below.

RJ's Skincare blog and all included recipes are researched and written by Angela D'Amico.

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