Reduce The Appearance Of Dark Circles, Puffiness And Fine Lines Under Eyes!  Make Your Own Soaper's Supplies Under-eye Treatment With Our Pro-Style Eye Pads!

     Hello Friends of RJ's Soaper's Supplies Skincare Blog!  We have quite a treat for you today!  Many of you have received the surprise kit containing some wonderful Soaper's Supplies products, especially those very professional-looking under-eye pads for use with your serums, eye gels, and moisture masks.  Green tea, caffeine, and ingredients that pull moisture from the air are very good in under-eye formulas.  Formulas containing these ingredients are perfect in which to soak your new Soaper's Supplies Under-eye pads!

     Caroline Thompson of suggests using "Green tea (to) reduce swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes.  The caffeine reduces puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels. Green tea works on dark circles by decreasing the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes.  The astringent nature of the tannins constricts the blood vessels and capillaries under the eyes".   Click this link and read more on the benefits of green tea, caffeine, sleep, water- intake and proper diet to keep your eyes bright and youthful in this interesting article.

     Some of you already have these great pads soaking in a fantastic formula that is sure to get your customer's attention and increase your page interest.  These are a very high-end looking tool when combined with the right ingredients.  For those of you who are not quite sure how to use them or with which ingredients, I would like to share an "Under-Eye" Formula you can create yourself with just a few Soaper's Supplies ingredients,  a sanitized heating receptacle, a pair of gloves, and some coffee filters or cheesecloth.  You will also need a package of the Soaper's Supplies under-eye pads, and a choice of container.  Rae Jean recommends using her six oz clear containers she sold with her surprise kit.   This formula is sure to rid the tired appearance of eyes, and give a more refreshed, youthful look with a noticeable lessening of dark circles and puffiness.

     You will fold each pad in half wearing gloves and fill the container half way with the folded pads.  After we cover these pads with solution, we will fold the rest of the pads in half, continue to fill each container with Eye Brightening Solution, and then place the lid on the container. 

     For the Eye Brightening, tightening and smoothing formula, you will need a few ingredients easily found here at Soaper's Supplies.


Soaper's Supplies Bright Eyes Treatment Pads to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkles can be made easily with this simple formula: 

(Most of these items can be clicked upon to bring you directly to the ingredient in our Soaper's Supplies ingredient directory.  If you need assistance, please comment, email, or message Rae Jean, and she or her staff will gladly help you find your item.)


Distilled Water

Favorite Soaper's Supply Hydrosol (we recommend Rose water) up to 10% of total batch.

Soaper's Supplies Aloe Juice up to 10% of total batch.

Soaper's Supplies Sodium Lactate 2%

Soaper's Supplies Oat Protein    2%

Soaper's Supplies Propylene Glycol (Dipropylene or any "glycol" can be used here)  at  2%

Soaper's Supplies Green Tea Powder up to 5% or according to usage suggestions. 

Soaper's Supplies Cucumber Extract powder at usage suggestions.

Soaper's Supplies Caffeine  1% maximum of total batch.

Broad Spectrum Preservative.  Soaper's Supplies recommends Germaben as it is known to be the least irritating on face or near eye area.  Follow usage instructions exactly. 


     Sanitize working environment and tools with alcohol and wear gloves.  Get containers open and ready with pads counted out and folded in half.   Fill half of jar with folded pads.  Six ounce jar is recommended for this formula but you can adjust the percentages using simple multiplication to change your batch size.


     Since Green Tea Powder and Cucumber extract are being heated and discarded, I suggest making your "tea" with  more than 1% of each.  I think the concentration should depend on your total batch size but not exceed 5% of your liquids on first trial.  If you feel comfortable with the results then you may be able to increase the amount of tea to the water but I would not go past  FDA usage guidelines.


     Heat distilled water, green tea powder and cucumber extract -heating and holding for twenty minutes.  Allow your tea mixture maximum brewing for most concentrated results.  Strain into sanitized container.  Discard wet tea/cucumber powder.  Weigh and note your liquid "tea" prior to adding rosewater and aloe at proper percentages.  Add Rose water and Aloe juice to your brewed liquid.   Aloe juice and Rosewater should only total ten percent EACH of total liquid ingredients (twenty percent combined), as they do not preserve well.  Heat this mixture slowly till it reaches 70 degrees Celsius  holding for twenty minutes. Weigh and note batch of combined liquids again.  Into this new weight you will be adding your caffeine, humectants and preservative. 


Important!  While mixture is still hot (you may want to put back on low heat), add Caffeine at 1% maximum, stirring till dissolved into your green tea/ cucumber/ rosewater/ aloe solution. 

     Weigh your total amount of liquid and next, add your humectants:


     Add and mix 2% Sodium lactate,  2% Oat Protein, and 2% Propylene Glycol  (or any glycol you have on hand.)

     Allow liquid to COOL before adding broad spectrum preservative at manufacturer's suggested usage rate (usually .5% -1%).

     Once cooled and preserved add mixed formula to half of your folded pads inside your jars.  Then add second half of folded eye pads (wearing gloves) to the jar.  Next, continue to fill jars with solution, covering the top of all the pads.   Saturate completely.

     Try chilling pads prior to use for maximum results.


     Leave on under-eye area for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes or till dry, depending on preference.  Some people sleep with Eye Brightening Pads under eyes.

(Like with any cosmetic, if product causes discomfort or irritation, discontinue and rinse with water.  If irritation persists seek medical advice from a medical professional.)

          Once again, I would like to thank you all  for reading RJ's Skincare Blog and hope you enjoy this formula that is sure to give you the refreshed appearance under your eyes that you are craving.  I have personally been using caffeine under my own eyes and am hooked on its effects. 

     Please try this formula for yourself and if you have any comments, questions or would like to discuss any topic related to RJ's Skincare Blog, we welcome your input. 

     Thank you again for shopping at Soaper's Supplies and for reading our blog.  We are grateful for your support and hope you have fun with our beauty recipes.  We believe if a product works it will sell..  So we put a lot of time, research and love into our formulas and look forward to your feedback.  Thank you all for reading and for your continued support!



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